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How to maintain the barcode scanner

  Optical imaging components are an important part of the   barcode scanner . During use, pay attention to keeping the optical components clean to avoid dust affecting the working performance of the   barcode scanner  and reducing the scanning quality. When cleaning, do not disassemble and repair without authorization, because each optical component in the photoelectric conversion setting has very high requirements on the position, and changing the position of the visual component will affect the imaging effect of the barcode scanner. Therefore, when cleaning, scrub with detergent, and then wipe it off with a dry rag. 1. Keep the reading window clean. 2. Avoid hard and rough objects to wearing or scratching the reading window. 3. Use a brush to remove stains on the reading window. 4. Please use a soft cloth to clean the window, such as a glass cleaning cloth. 5. It is forbidden to spray any liquid on the window. 6. Using any cleaning agent other than clean water is forbidden. 7. Anti-d

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